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Friday, 8am – 10am
BC106 Fragile Fusion – Fusible Art Sheets
Rebekah Meier
In this class, students will learn how to create a unique and colorful fusible piece of artwork. The artwork can then be fused to almost any surface, and makes a great material for journals and scrapbook pages among other substrates (even fabric!). Students will leave with several sheets of designed Art Sheets.
Difficulty Level: All Levels
Supplies Needed: Mat to protect work surface, small cup for water, 2-3 paintbrushes (can be foam brushes), favorite paper napkins or printed tissue paper, favorite ink and stamps (if you have them).
Class Kit Fee (provide to instructor in class): $5.00
Price for ala carte option: $60


Sunday, 8am – 12pm
BC1807: Coffee Filter Paper Art
Rebekah Meier
In this class you will learn mixed media techniques such as layering, painting, and stenciling onto coffee filters. Rebekah will bring her stencils she designs for The Crafter’s Workshop. Also some other goodies taught in class. The beautifully designed Coffee Filter Paper Art can then be applied to journals, mixed media works, scrapbook pages, or whatever you wish. No experience is necessary, as this class is designed for beginners. You will leave the class with many creative ideas and painted artworks!
Difficulty Level: Beginning
Supplies Needed: 2 brushes (can be black foam brushes) scissors, and cosmetic wedge sponges, mat or something to protect work surface, cup for water.
Class Kit Fee (provide to instructor in class): $0
Portland, Oregon

Feb 29 – March 6, 2016

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Classes That I Teach


Collage Painting for Fabric and Paper:   Students will learn techniques to create their own custom designed fabric. Layering the applications of color, texture, design will be covered. Instruction will also be given on how to create foam stamps and using found objects for printing. The one of a kind designed fabric will then be used to create a no-sew wallet.


Ripped, Peeled, and Dripped Paper Relic Collage: Students will create a canvas wall art collage. Techniques will be step by step, allowing students to build up textures and interesting designs. If you like ripping, peeling back layers, and random application of paint, then this class is for you.


6-6-15 fiber tapestry

Fiber Art Tapestry:  Students will learn a layering technique that incorporates both fabric and paper. Each student will go home with a small sampler incorporating embroidery and lots of texture.


Fragile Fusion: Would you like to have a stash of papers ready to use in your next mixed media project? In this class we will create Fragile Fusion Papers. A delicate tissue paper will be turned into a fusible piece of art, that is fused with an iron when you need it. Very simple, and the tissues sheets can be layered and torn for any collage.


Correspondence Quilts: In this class, we will take journaling to the quilt. We will create a 12” paper/fabric quilt using found items, paring them with sewing and quilting supplies. Such as fusible web and interfacings used in a new ways. Each person should think about what kind of correspondence they wish to express. It could be a postal journey, tribute to a loved one, a pet, nature themed, etc. Each quilt will be different and unique.


Mixed Media Needle Felting: You do not need to be fluent in needle felting to take this mixed media class. This is a beginner class and instructor will be hands on guiding you through the process. We will layer materials to a felt base, and then needle felt them together. At the end of the day, you will take home at least one piece of finished fiber art, approximately 9” x 12”. The fiber art can be used however you wish. Some like to use it as a journal cover, small pillow, framed artwork, or small art quilt, just to name a few.


Mixed Media Mandalas: Mandala designs are popping up everywhere. The meaning is from the Indian language Sanskrit, which means “circle”. The definition version of a Mandala, is a graphic symbol (circle or square) containing concentric geometric forms symbolizing the universe. I love the meaning, but more importantly, I love the art form of creating them. In class we will put a twist on the traditional , and create Mandalas from paper and fabric. (Edit)