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Stenciled Coffee Filter Art

Rebekah here.  I want to share my coffee filter art with you!  Check out the steps below to create filter art that can be stand alone or used (as I have done) to collage onto another piece of artwork.  Simple, fun, and easy  that is how I like to create!  I used stencils Love Post 6″ and Coffee Splotch 6″ from my new line with The Crafter’s Workshop.  Stay tuned as I will be posting more techniques and projects soon.


Stenciled Filters

Stenciled Filters


Journal with coffee filter art

Journal with coffee filter art

Apply found paper with matte medium onto filter

Apply found paper with matte medium onto filter


Sponge white acrylic onto filter

Sponge white acrylic onto filter

Sponge random  color onto filter

Sponge random color onto filter

Stencil white acrylic with Love Post stencil

Stencil white acrylic with Love Post 6″ stencil

Stenciled design

Stenciled design

Apply tissue tape

Apply tissue tape

Stencil blue acrylic through Coffee Stain stencil

Stencil blue acrylic through 6″ Coffee Splotch stencil

Finished filter

Finished filter


Reverse Stenciled Technique, Blog Hop, And Giveaway!

Canvas pillow

Canvas pillow

I am so excited to be hosting my first blog hop using my stencils designs from The Crafter’s Workshop.  Most of my stencils are collage in style.  Collage being my favorite medium, whether in paper, fabric or both combined.  My other stencils are inspired by circles and Mandala (I love the art form) designs.  Mandala’s for those not wanting to draw their own.

I sent four 6″ mandala inspired  stencils to nine of my creative friends.  Be sure and visit each of their sites, I can assure you each designer’s creation will be awesome, unique, and varied in their mediums.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted my project to be.  Sometimes thats the way it is, when you can create anything you want!  Deciding upon a reverse stenciling technique, I went with demonstrating  how a stencil can be used to create a print.  Bypassing our dreary spring, summer has been on my mind.  Thinking how nice and warm, sunny weather will be.  I chose a canvas pillow that can be used both inside or outside.

What do you create with stencils?  Answer the question by leaving a comment below, and one lucky person will win my four new stencils, used for the blog hop!  Enjoy the techniques and projects created  all week by the talented designers in the hop. The random winner will be announced Saturday April 19, 2014.



The Crafter’s Workshop stencils by Rebekah Meier: Mini Byzantine, Mini Rosetta, Mini Ring Doily, Mini Stained Glass

Canvas fabric, 2- 15 1/2 squares Brayer ColorBox® Blends by Eileen Hull: Sunshine, Flagstone, Nutmeg Firm work surface (I use an acrylic sheet) Baby wipes Sewing machine and thread to match canvas Scissors Rotary cutter and mat (optional)


Deli sheets or parchment paper


1.  Place canvas fabric square onto protected work surface.

2.  Place stencil onto acrylic sheet or other protected work surface.  Apply Colorbox® ink onto stencil with sponge applicator.

3.  Flip inked stencil over and press onto canvas square.  Place deli paper onto stencil and use brayer to roll across, printing design onto fabric.

4.  Lift deli paper to reveal design.

5.  Repeat steps 2-4 using each stencil and different colors of ink.  Fill each canvas fabric square with reverse stenciled designs.  Let dry.

6.  Press each fabric square with dry iron.

7.  Place fabric right sides facing.  Pin to secure.  Machine stitch 1/4″ from raw edge.  Leave a 3″ opening to turn right side out.  Clip corners 1/8″ from stitching, and turn right side.  Stuff pillow firmly with fiberfill.

Ink, stencils, canvas, prayer

Ink, stencils, canvas, prayer

Ink stencil

Ink stencil


Reveal print

Reveal print


Repeat with other colors of ink

Repeat with other colors of ink

Check out more designs from these talented designers

Madeline Arendt

Ann Butler

Cheryl Boglioli

Vicki O’Dell

Lisa Fulmer

Beth Watson

Tammy Tutterow

Eileen Hull

Stencil Art




I am so happy to again share my new stencil designs with you.  Each stencil is available in both 6″ and 12″ sizes.  Many of you have asked where my stencils can be purchased.  You can click on each stencil design below to view them.  I plan on posting some new ideas and projects soon, so please come back for a visit!

You can also check your local mixed media and scrapbook stores, many of which are now carrying my stencils.  Check out the AWESOME Jen Zdanis Starr‘s blog for her Spring teaching schedule.  She will be using The Crafter’s Workshop stencils (including mine!) in her classes.

I am starting a gallery of artwork using my stencils.  If you already have them, and  used them in a project, I would love to see your artwork!  Just send me a note.


Byzantine 6″

      Stained Glass

Stained Glass 6″


Rosette 6″

         Ring Doily

Ring Doily 6″

   Harlequin Circles

Harlequin Circles 6″


Gothic 6″

       Love Post

Love Post 6″


Specimen 6″


sketch-grid 6″

      Coffee Splotch 12"

Coffee Splotch 6″

Happy Valentines Day

Watercolor Heart

Watercolor Heart


Byzantine Love Collage, Stenciling in Reverse

One of my favorite ways to use my stencils is to use them in reverse, creating a print.  For this artwork, I used my Byzantine TCwE463 stencil to print onto paper, pattern pieces, book pages,and a tag, then used them as collage pieces using matte medium attaching each onto a canvas.

Byzatine Love Collage

Byzatine Love Collage on canvas



I mix acrylic paint with Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium.  The Slo-Dri helps to extend the drying time of the acrylic allowing more time to work the paint and  lift the print. Mix acrylic with the medium and brush onto a flat surface (such as a geli plate or freezer paper)  Place the stencil onto the paint mixture and lift, immediately turn the stencil over and print  onto paper or fabric . Having a brayer on hand is always a good idea when printing.   Here I have printed onto pattern tissue (note:  my stencil is well used!).

Reverse stencil technique

Reverse stencil print on pattern tissue

A great way to make collage elements pop is to outline them with a water soluble crayon or marker.  I outlined my focal elements such as tags, and heart with Neocolor crayons, wet my finger and blended the lines, adding texture and depth.

Outline heart with neocolor ll water soluble pastels

Outline heart with neocolor ll water soluble pastels

Have you ever used your stencils to create a print?  If so, what did you create?

Heart Collage: Using Flexible Modeling Paste as an Adhesive

Love Valentine Heart Collage

Love Valentine Heart Collage

Happy February everyone!  It is one of my favorite months of the year.  I am partial of course, because it is my birth month, but also because it puts us on the down slide of winter (I hope!)  One of my favorite mediums to work with is flexible modeling paste.  It dries quickly and is lightweight.  I wanted to create a quick collage for Valentines Day and incorporate some of my stand by staples, such as quilt batting and cheesecloth.  Both of them add great texture. I created my background using  a 9″ x 12″ canvas board covered  with tissue paper (using flexible modeling paste) and a stamped text design.  Let dry.  What I really enjoyed about making this collage was using my modeling paste as an adhesive.  I have used flexible modeling paste in my books through a stencil, but never as an adhesive.  It was simple, I   applied a thin layer of the MP onto my canvas with a pallette knife,  added my cheesecloth and the remnants of an old doily, and let it dry.  I cut a heart shape from my quilt batting and centered it on the canvas, again applied with a thin coat of MP.  One final coat of MP applied to the heart and then added the findings collected from previous projects.  Push the findings into the paste, covering the heart, and let dry. I painted the heart and elements with a coat of pearl white acrylic, and brushed them with pigment powders.  To make the heart pop I outlined it with metallic paints.  Finishing up I stamped a LOVE note and it was done!

What do you think?  Have you ever used your mediums in new and different ways?

1-31-14 heart cu

Friends and Photos from CHA 2014


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