Bella Crafts Connections Consumer Craft Retreat-Fusible Art Sheets


I would like to share the other class I will be teaching at Bella Crafts Connections Consumer Craft Retreat.   Fusible Art Sheets!  This is one of my favorite classes to teach.  Students are very surprised when they learn the technique for creating  a fragile piece of fusible paper.  Once created these sheets can be fused to almost anything,  including but not limited to  journals, scrapbook pages, canvas, and cards are just a few of things that will look beautiful with Art Sheets.    This class is so easy!  I hope to see you in class.

Bella Crafts Connections Consumer Craft Retreat


 I just wanted to remind all of you that the early bird discount for the Bella Crafts Connections Consumer Craft Retreat August 1, 2015 is approaching quickly.  I have looked over the classes and I am blown away with the offerings.

Coffee Filter Art

Coffee Filter Art

Coffee Filter Art


Coffee Filter Art applied to a journal book

Coffee Filter Art applied to a journal

It was a good design day when I came up with the idea to use inexpensive coffee filters for my mixed media art.  I like that the filters are paper and can be painted, stamped, and stenciled upon and  when applied to a surface, such as a journal, it will show what is underneath.   Each will be different and unique to each student as they put their own aesthetic into the mix.  A few other techniques will be saved for those of you that take my class!  You can also apply them onto a canvas or use them for decoupage.   The possibilities are endless on how you can create and use them.    I will have on hand my stencils from my TCW stencil line for students to use.  Check back tomorrow and I will post about Fragile Fusion!

Imagine Art! Using Stencils to Create Layers


I have been playing lately with my stencils I design for The  Crafter’s Workshop.  This is a piece of art I  came up with.


Imagine Art!

Imagine Art!


apply paint onto old book page

apply paint onto old book page


To start, I dug out an old book page and applied a few drops of white fluid acrylic.



spread paint with paper towel

spread paint with paper towel


I use a paper towels a lot to spread and blot paint.  Then I applied the paper to a piece of wood with gel

added drips and drops of paint by adding water

drips and drops of paint by adding water

I stamped  image on tissue paper and apply to canvas with gel medium.  Then stamped an image (stamp unknown) onto tissue paper with archival ink. If anyone knows the origin of the stamp, please let me know and I will give them credit.drip some drops of color, add water, creating a water color effect.


Rebekah Meier Design stencil, Viva La Art TCW488s

Rebekah Meier Design stencil, Viva La Art TCW488s


I pulled out one of my well used stencils.  Words are a favorite of mine.  When I designed this stencil I wanted a kind of hippie vibe, and was happy with how it turned out.  it.  The other stencil “imagine” is from my Word Association  stencil.  You might notice that the word ART was first stenciled with a burnt orange color.  It did not work for me, so I tried a cobalt turquoise color instead, and liked it much better.

Rebekah Meier Design Word Association TCW527s

Rebekah Meier Design Word Association TCW527s

Lastly, I stenciled “imagine”  onto the canvas.  When designing word stencils, there has to be breaks in the letters or it will not cut properly in production (the whole letter would cut out).  Sometimes  I like the open lines and sometimes not.  In this case, I simply used a liner brush to connect the lines.

I would love to know how you use stencils in your work?

Art and Soul Virginia Beach 2015


Sunset at Virginia Beach!

This fall I will be teaching classes at Art and Soul Retreat  in Virginia Beach, September 28-October 4.  I am very happy and excited to be teaching at this venue, as I have never been to Virginia Beach.  Some of these photos are students work.  Aren’t they beautiful?  If anyone has visted area and venue, I would love to hear about your stay.

Classes I will be teaching at Art and Soul Virginia Beach:

Collage Painting for Fabric:   Students will learn techniques to create their own custom designed fabric. Layering the applications of color, texture, design will be covered. Instruction will also be given on how to create foam stamps and using found objects for printing. The one of a kind designed fabric will then be used to create a no-sew wallet.

Ripped, Peeled, and Dripped Paper Relic Collage:  Students will create a canvas wall art collage. Techniques will be step by step, allowing students to build up textures and interesting designs. If you like ripping, peeling back layers, and random application of paint, then this class is for you.

Fiber Art Tapestry:  Students will learn a layering technique that incorporates both fabric and paper. Each student will go home with a small sampler incorporating embroidery and lots of texture.

CHA Mega Show 2015- The Crafter’s Workshop New Releases

With Jaime Echt owner of The Crafter's Workshop

With Jaime Echt, owner of The Crafter’s Workshop

So many great and exciting things happened at the 2015 CHA mega show.  I released 20 new stencil designs with The Crafter’s Workshop.  For the first time I designed smaller, 4″ stencils that I call Rebekah’s Remnants.

It is always a pleasure working with Jaime Echt  from The Crafters Workshop!  They will be available here, here, and here.   Here are my models with the  stencil designs.  Please take a look and let me know what you would create with them!