“Sweet”Heart Tote Bag

canvas tote bags

By: Rebekah Meier

Being that I am a little frugal, I love to recycle things whenever possible. These canvas tote bags are a great example of that. The bag is a previous project that did not turn out how I wished. At the time, the acrylic colors bled through from the other side and did not work for what I was creating. We all have those days, don’t we! I kept the bag because I loved the organic color combination, and hoped to use it one day. Using the ScanNCut to cut out a word and hearts made this project so easy. I hope you will enjoy creating your own “Sweet” bag!

canvas tote bags


Brother ScanNCut2 Machine
Brother ScanNCut Standard Mat 12×12 inch
Brother ScanNCut Standard Cut Blade
*Canvas tote bags
Sticky Back Canvas Sheet 8.5 x 11
Red acrylic paint
6 red buttons
Red sewing machine thread
Sewing Machine
Embroidery needle
Fabric adhesive (optional)
Seam ripper

*Create a similar bag by diluting acrylic paints and dripping them onto a similar blank canvas bag. Let the paint dry between different colors to ensure the colors do not mix and create a “mud” color.


canvas tote bagsUsing a small knife blade or a seam ripper, remove the stitching from one of the side seams of the bag.  This step will allow lines to be stitched on the bag later in the instructions.

canvas tote bagsPlace sticky backed canvas sheet onto the mat (canvas side up).  Set machine for blade depth of 7, a pressure of 9, and one time to cut.  Load cutting mat into the ScanNcut.

canvas tote bagsSelect heart shape from shape menu.  Adjust height and width to the desired size.  I made mine approximately 5.25×3.25 inches.  Touch set.  Repeat, creating two, 2″ hearts.  Touch set.

canvas tote bagsSelect the word Sweet from the word menu, keep the preset setting for height and width.  Touch set. Load mat (with canvas) and press cut, cutting out the hearts and the word Sweet.

canvas tote bagsPeel cut elements from the mat and paint with red acrylic paint.  When dry, peel off film from the back of hearts and word.  Press elements onto the bag with firm pressure.

canvas tote bags

Using a sewing machine and red thread, stitch straight lines randomly onto the bag.  For extra security, machine stitch through hearts and word (if desired) as well. Refer to photo and sew or glue buttons to bag.

canvas tote bags

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