Happy St. Patricks Day Placemat


final shamrock placemat

By: Rebekah Meier


Brother ScanNcut Machine

Brother ScanNcut Standard Mat

Brother ScanNcut High Tack Fabric Support Sheet

Brother ScanNcut Blade dedicated for fabric

Copyright free image of Shamrock printed from computer, approx. 4” x 4 1/2” 4

Fat Quarter fabric pieces, various shades of green 1/2 Yd.

Green on green dot cotton fabric 1/4 Yd.

Cotton quilt batting

Cotton thread, 3 shades of green

Basting spray


Fabric glue

Acrylic craft paint, green

Cosmetic sponge

Sewing machine

Spray Starch


Ironing surface

Paper towel




1.Scan Shamrock image into ScanNcut and save to saved data.

2.Insert dedicated blade for fabric into the ScanNcutblade holder. Set Blade to 4, and pressure to 4.

3.Following ScanNcut package instructions, apply High Tack Fabric Support Sheet to Standard Mat.

4.Set up ScanNcut for cutting fabric. Use blade setting of 4, and cut pressure to 4.

5.Press green solid cotton fabrics with starch, to keep them crisp.

6.Apply fabric onto High Tack Fabric Support Sheet/mat. Using ScanNcut and scanned Shamrock image from saved data, cut eight Shamrock shapes from assorted solid color green cotton fat quarters.

7.Layer cut Shamrock onto a 5” square of batting and 5” square of cotton green fabric, in that order. Spray the back of Shamrock with basting spray so it will not move, creating a sandwich of shamrock-batting-solid cotton fabric. Pin sandwich together for extra security. Machine stitch around each Shamrock 1/4” from the raw edge of the fabric. Trim 1/16” from the raw edge of the fabric, allowing batting to show.

8.Cut one 1.25”x1.25” heart from the ScanNcut library, using watercolor paper as the stencil material. Remove the solid heart and keep the negative piece to use as a stencil. Center stencil onto the middle of Shamrock. Load cosmetic sponge with green acrylic paint. Blot excess paint off sponge onto a paper towel. Gently apply paint through the stencil. Carefully lift stencil, set aside and let the paint dry. Repeat for each Shamrock, using the same stencil.

9.To create the base of the placemat, cut one 11.52”x11.52 circle from the ScanNcut library. Place circle onto 12” square of cotton batting and green dot fabric. Using the sewing machine and green thread, stitch around the entire circle ending up in the middle of the circle, creating texture and more design. Trim around the edge with scissors as done with each Shamrock. Arrange finished Shamrocks around circle base overlapping slightly, and secure with a dot of fabric glue. When completely happy with how the placemat looks, permanently secure Shamrock in place with more fabric glue.

Disclosure: Rebekah is a paid consultant and has received products from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

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