Art Supply Warehouse 2013

Art Supply Warehouse

I am back home near Chicago… back to very cold weather minus wind chills.

I miss Cali weather.

Last week, I taught at Art Supply Warehouse’s teaching venue called Cataylst.  What a cool store and teaching space! I could honestly spend HOURS in that store and really regret not buying the handmade papers I saw.   I have never seen such a great assortment at an art supply warehouse.

We fused, stamped, stenciled, cut, tore, AND  transferred. SO MUCH ART!

For this class, we used materials from Artful FiberTAP,  and Jacquard products (Lumiere, Dye-NaFlow, and Pearl-Ex).  My students rocked!

It was a full day class in which they used Timtex TAP, and fast2fuse (covers), Mul•Tex, and Lutradur to create a Fabric Art Book, accordion style!  The techniques we used were from my book More Fabric Art Collage, can also be applied to decorate the rest of the AF bag or create fiber art wall hangings as well.

This is the complete fundamental of crafts! Sometimes, you can just buy ONE of something but create a million beautiful crafts! That is the amazing thing about this bag of goodies… It has many creative possibilities.

Check out some pics from our class!

Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply WarehouseArt Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse     Art Supply Warehouse

Art Supply Warehouse

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